Thank you all for your support!

We had such a great time playing a concert at Silk Purse Art Gallery this morning. We are so thankful to all of you for your support of us and our CD! We’re honored and excited to be with you through our music, and we sincerely wish that we bring

Fun concert last night! 

Successful concert last night! It was definitely a first for us to play a concert in such an intimate setting. Thank you to all who came out last night! 😁 Thank you to the directors of My Music Friends for hosting the concert!

Sold out concert!!!

We are so excited to share that our April 1st concert is sold out 9 days before the concert! Thank you everyone for your support!!! Please check out our concert host at for their upcoming concerts. They are a wonderful couple who host small house concerts in an intimate

First CD :D

We get asked about CDs all the time after every concert. FINALLY, we have made our first CD album! Yay! We love the energy and feel of live concerts that are so different from studio recordings. Therefore, we have made a live concert compilation to present to you some of

Radio this Wed! 

Here I am! Just a quick reminder that tomorrow Wednesdays, at 6:15pm Vancouver time, I will be once again on the live show “Canadian Living Q & A” at FairChild Radio to discuss questions about learning music. I’m extremely honoured to be invited by the hostess, Carmen Shao. Other than

Performance at Capilano University

This is from our performance at Capilano University this morning. When I was a student, it used to be that we students would go watch the performers the university brought in for us. Now we have become the performers invited by the university, it’s a very special feeling. The students

Short interview video

Here is a little short interview for the VWMS for our upcoming gala fundraising concert on Monday. For more information please visit their website at: Hope to see you on Monday! 😁

Thanks for tuning in :)

Thanks everyone for tuning in today! Thanks to the hostess, Carmen. See you all on air again next Wednesday. Feel free to comment or private message me your questions. See you next Wednesday.

VWMS Concert

Our little tour performances will start next week already. I’d like to especially mention the concert on March 6th. We often perform around the outside of Vancouver, and we’re excited that we will be playing in Vancouver on March 6th. This concert is a scholarship fund raising concert hosted by

What has to be done on a snowy day…………

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