From the students:

Ever since the first time I stepped into Clare’s studio, I knew immediately that we weren’t just going to have an hour-long piano class, we were going to have fun and enjoy music together. Clare has been more than just a piano teacher to me, she has been so caring, enthusiastic, helping, and most importantly, she has become a cherished friend of mine. Not only is she a teacher that I look up to, she is also an amazing musician who inspires me all the time. No words can explain how thankful I am for all that she’s done for me. The encouragement and cheerful words she has said to me during my down times are priceless. Finally, I wish her all the best in the future!
Irene Wang

Clare has been not only a piano teacher for me, but also an inspiring and caring figure in my life. Her teaching style and personality are easily approachable and I can always count on her to offer me a fun and relaxed learning environment in which I can explore my musical endeavours. In class, she is supportive and always concerned about my progress. Clare motivated me throughout the years to shape me into a pianist with virtuosity and professionalism. She is also the main driving force behind my ardent love for and persistent pursuit of the tonal arts.
Timmy Wang

Clare has been my piano teacher since September 2014 and I highly recommend her to any student of any age, including fifty-something adult students like me. I am grateful I have found such an inspiring and devoted teacher who relentlessly encourages me to learn, to get out of my comfort zone, and help me discover and appreciate music. Clare is always positive, patient, generous and she always find creative and fun ways to explain the techniques I need to learn. The atmosphere at her studio is fun and stimulating and every week, it’s always a real pleasure to go to my class.
Esther Savard

Clare has been my mentor ever since I first came to Canada. I was only 12 years old, I had trouble focusing and I always messed around during the lessons. However, she was always very patient and understanding with me and really helped me get through some difficulties. Going to her classes never felt boring or intimidating but was always fun and exciting. She is very easy going and witty but at the same time strict on the results so I was able to improve without ever feeling pressured. She is a suitable teacher for all age groups as she has the skills to improve her students as well as the patience to keep them focused. I am currently studying abroad, and I still play the piano as a hobby, because Clare was able to bring out my passion and that is not something every piano teacher can do. Although I have already graduated from high school and moved to a different city, Clare will always be my teacher and a very dear friend. I wish her all the best!
Brian Cheng

I have taken piano and theoretical courses with Clare and she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her vast knowledge base and comprehensive explanations allowed me to understand not only the topics described in the textbook but material beyond what is required. Her goal-oriented style and natural didactic flow helped me learn topics fast and well. Furthermore, her lessons are fun and innovative. Her lecturing is a combination content dense instruction mixed with personal humor and intelligent commentary; her sarcastic remarks about her university experience in New York help bring a personal touch to an otherwise banal topic. Finally, her experience in the field of teaching makes her a formidable force. While many teachers are knowledgeable, Clare is unique in her delivery and actually help her students learn the new complicated material. I think anyone can learn from such a fun, intelligent, and experienced teacher.
Dylan Sun

I’ve seen throughout my four years with Clare that everything she does, including the many concerts and studio classes she organizes, is truly in the interest of her students. She wants us to be the best pianists we can be – with her encouragement, enthusiasm, and patience, it’s not hard. Clare has pushed and challenged me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. After my first year with her, she guided me through the daunting task of learning a piano concerto and when I look back I am very glad Clare motivated me to do it.
Zoe Fong

I’ve known Clare for almost seven years and I’ve been her student for almost five years. She is a very patient and experienced teacher who knows how to express herself in a clear and concise way. She cares about all of her students and inspires them with her own passion for both music and teaching. If you are looking for a piano teacher who you can build a friendship with, then Clare is definitely the one for you!
Amily Yao

Clare is really great in terms of teaching and music. She has been supporting me and being positive through out my entire music learning journey. It has been such a pleasure to be a student of hers. In addition, she set goals for each student and I can feel that she cares about all her students. If I were to use a word of my choice to describe her, I will use the word “thoughtful”, due to the fact that she stands in others’ shoes and she really thinks in others’ perspective. In conclusion, I love her teaching techniques and her care for students 🙂
Jenny Fan

From the parents:

My son has been studying piano with Clare for over 4 years now. She is an inspiring teacher! In addition to being a wonderful pianist and musician, Clare is clearly fully invested in her students’ piano progress, and her enthusiasm  during  lessons really helps with motivation to practice and inspires my son to do his best. She has a very dynamic personality that engages students well and always comes up with helpful ways to practice difficult passages so that they feel easier.  She is equally great at helping my son improve his technique and musicality, and studying with her is never boring or tedious, but always speaks to my son’s imagination as well as engages his analytical skills. I feel like he will grow to be smarter, more creative, and a better human being  thanks to piano lessons with Clare. We are very grateful and highly recommend her as a teacher!
Adrian’s mom

My daughter Annabelle (15) has had the pleasure and privilege of taking piano lessons from Clare for a little over a year. Clare has been able to impart her enthusiasm and love of music and piano onto my daughter. She customizes the lessons to fit Annabelle’s current skill level (ARCT) while at the same time providing challenges that fits the process of learning. I respect Clare for being a friendly, patient, positive and encouraging teacher who has been able to make a confident, and self-motivated musician out of my daughter. She draws upon Annabelle’s strength to teach her in ways that works best for her. Annabelle got 1st place in the Own Choice class in Richmond Festival 2016. I am very glad that my daughter have been to experience Clare’s contagious passion and love for music first hand. I highly recommend Clare as a piano teacher and our family is extremely grateful to have Clare as a piano teacher, and we look forward to many more years of learning together.
Annabelle’s mom

My son, Bruce (14) has been studying under Clare for over two years now. We have been extremely lucky to have met such a wonderful teacher with great personality. Clare has great professionalism in her field, and also, she explains patiently through fun and lively ways so the students can easily understand and develop passion for music. Bruce has improved tremendously under the guidance and encouragement of Clare. He placed first in both the Richmond Music Festival and the Kiwanis Music Festival in the past two years, and it truly developed confidence and motivation in his piano-learning. I believe that a great teacher can have a great influence on a student, and Clare is such a teacher; her wonderful personality and professionalism are influential to Bruce and through which are teaching him to care and persistent. As a parent, I am truly thankful. I hope that more young talents will be as lucky as we are to have a great teacher like this.
Bruce’s mom

My son, Matthew (8 years old), has been very lucky to study with Clare. The hour of lesson is filled with many fun and interesting games one after another to help the kids learn through the games. Clare is very patient when explaining anything to fulfill the curiousity of the kids. I remember one of my son’s very first lessons, Clare said that we can learn to play the piano without using the keyboard. So she closed down the lid, and did a few little games on the lid with my son. And it was these little games that helped Matthew’s hand shapes, Matthew’s love for music, and Matthew’s self-motivation to practice. Clare’s dedication to teaching is beyond words. She also knows well children’s psychology, so she would explain things in ways that young people can easily understand. It’s impressive to see how much she does to help the students improve. If one way fails to work, she would a different way to explain, and things always work out. I often feel like applauding watching the lessons.
Matthew’s mom

Kevin started his piano lesson with Clare in the beginning of 2016. After a short period of time, his biggest change was that being from passive practicing to motivated practicing. My intention for Kevin taking piano is really in hopes that he will learn “persistence” and problem solving through the focus it takes to learn piano. When he showed such change in his way of practicing, as a parent I feel extremely lucky to have found Clare. She is dedicated, responsible and patient. She teaches more than how to play the piano; she brings her students into the world of music, and she teaches the kids the ability to appreciate music. Therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Clare for her dedication. I definitely recommend this positive and great teacher to everyone.

Kevin’s mom

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