VWMS Concert

Our little tour performances will start next week already. I’d like to especially mention the concert on March 6th. We often perform around the outside of Vancouver, and we’re excited that we will be playing in Vancouver on March 6th. This concert is a scholarship fund raising concert hosted by Vancouver Women’s Musical Society (VWMS). VWMS hosts competitions annually to encourage and support young talented musicians. The top three winners are awarded the scholarships to help their musical studies. Speaking as one of the past winners, the scholarship was very helpful during my studies. I am very honoured and happy to be invited to help them fund raise, because I feel that I can help pay it forward and it’s a very meaningful concert. The theme of our program is dances! Aside from the well-know Brahms and Dvorak dances, there will also be Piazzolla tangos and other fun surprises that we cannot wait to share with you. Remember, March 6th! There will be a reception prior to the concert, and you will be supporting the young talented musicians while enjoying an evening of fun dance music. Hope to see you there!


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